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The Jacob Sheets family in America SINCE 1753: Today's Philadelphia skyline from the Delaware River is much different then when Jacob would have come ashore at 18 years of age.

We are still researching all possibilities for Jacob's parents, sibblings and life events. Let us know about any information you may have.   

Links on the left:  Rachel Zook Sheets who is a volunteer at the Palatines to America Library in Columbus, Ohio. They research German ancestors and she is finding more leads to Jacob and his ancestors.

The second link in left column is for Alice Sheets Marriot of the Marriot Hotels who is linked to us through the DNA project. Her family's researchers have not been able to connect to our Jacob but she may be descended from a brother of Jacob. Perhaps Mathias or Yost, it is still being researched by her family.

History of Delaware County OH from O.L. Baskins 1880s History. Includes Bio Sketches of Benjamin, Daniel and Jacob Sheets and their neighbors.    Not a free service

History of Hancock County OH
from O.L. Baskins 1880s History. Includes another Bio of a different Jacob and Henry Sheets not related to our line but mistakenly recorded as our family.    Not a freee service