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The Jacob Sheets family in America SINCE 1753: Today's Philadelphia skyline from the Delaware River is much different then when Jacob would have come ashore at 18 years of age.
Glenn Allen Sheets 1918-1982

Descended from: Jacob/Henry/Henry/Henry Donner/Homer/ then Glenn

Glenn Allen Sheets (by Charles Henry Sheets)

Glenn Sheets was born in Delaware County to Homer O. Sheets and Ethyl (Van Divort) Sheets on September 12, 1918. He lived his entire life in Kingston Township and attended Brown School from where he graduated in 1937. He entered the military service in March of 1941 and was assigned to a Horse Calvary unit at Fort Riley, Kansas for about three years. He was then sent overseas to an army unit in Italy until his discharge in November of 1945. He then returned to the family farm where he lived until his death. There he raised corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, hay and milked a herd of Holstein cows until his retirement.

Glenn was an active member of the K of P Lodge in Kilbourne, Ohio and had a passion for remembering people's birthdays , whether they were young or old, family or friend. Once he knew someone's date of birth he never forgot it.

He was a member of the Brown Presbyterian Church until it closed January 1, 1967.

He, with Glenn Clay, helped write one of our first Sheets histories in the 1950s.

Glenn died in October of 1982

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