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The Jacob Sheets family in America SINCE 1753: Today's Philadelphia skyline from the Delaware River is much different then when Jacob would have come ashore at 18 years of age.
Rachel's Research
I am proving that Johann Adam Schutz was our Immigrant Ancestor but I have two more generations back from him. His grandparents did not immigrate. His father was also a Jacob. He came to America but I didn't want to add to the confusion of all the Jacobs in what I set out to accomplish. Johann Adam was born 15 Dec. 1737 in Adelshofen, Baden. His grandparents were Hans Leonhardt  and Anna Barbara Schutz. His father, Jacob Schutz, the late Joh. Leonhardt Schutz and Anna Barbara daughter of the late Friederich Stupp.
Their son, Johann Adam, was born 15 Dec, 1737 and confirmed 1751. This is from Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America Volume 1: The Northern Kraichgau. This was compiled by Annette Kunselman Burget from church records of Adelshofen Lutheran KB. I have a map with the land that Adam owned in Bucks County. My big break came with finding Adam's will. It was in the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. It listed all the children and  what they were to inherit and a few little bits of the lives of part of them.