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The Jacob Sheets family in America SINCE 1753: Today's Philadelphia skyline from the Delaware River is much different then when Jacob would have come ashore at 18 years of age.
Brad Sheets Arizona - Website Administrator / Genealogist

Descended from Jacob, Henry, Benjamin, Silas, Charles Homer, Forrest and Charles Kelly
Scott Bradley "Brad" Sheets


          Benjamin               Silas                Charles              Forrest              Kelly              Brad                Austin

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  My interests in the family history began as a small boy where I spent a lot of time with my grandparents listening to their stories. In the past 25 years I've tinkered around with entering in family names and merging internet files but it wasn't until recent years that I finally met up with cousin Paul Clay. He's the real work behind our Family Tree. Merging lines, discovering more history and collecting photos never seen before. I am inspired at his genalogical and research skills and painstaken hours of data entry. This work would not have happened without him. I would like to thank others in my family that have inspired me to continue this endeavor like my cousins, my Uncle Keith, my Uncle Kermit and cousins Charles and Betty Sheets. I wanted a place where the family genealogists can all work on one tree together and confirm the family history. Sharing stories, information, research and their family trees in a common forum. Since this sites inception, we have grown the tree in considerable size and learned of new family. I've had a few trips to Virginia and Ohio visiting other family and genealogists who have been so gracious and hospitable to my family and I. We always look forward to seeing them and more of our family roots. I will tell you first hand, our cousins are amazing!